What is Parhelion?

Parhelion is an expansive universe, brimming with human and alien life created by Casper Hoppe and Dillon Heuser. The Parhelion Board and Card game takes place in this universe and will periodically recieve updates and new playable races according to the Parhelion lore.

Friendly Fire

Friendly fire is always on. Some cards indicate the ability to target a space to take a certain amount of damage, like the GSA Armadillo or the Airstrike Wildcard. When you target a space to shoot, or bomb, EVERY card in the selected area takes the damage listed, including your own.

I've encountered something that isn't mentioned in the rules!

When you find yourself in a situation where you don't know exactly what to do, you and your opponent(s) may come up with a suitable solution. Only after every player agrees on the course of action, or forced to agree, you may continue.

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