What's Parhelion?

Parhelion is a strategic turn-based card game set in an expansive sci-fi universe where victory goes to the first player to destroy their opponent's headquarters. With a respectful nod to the old-school RTS videogame genre, players assume control over the Global Space Alliance (GSA) or the destructive Hive, each battling for control over the battlefield and expanding their base of operations across the planet.

Deploy units, produce equipment, build fortifications, construct buildings and most of all outsmart your opponent to dominate the battlefield!

This game combines careful planning and coordination of your units with those strategic climactic moments of thinking to draw your best friend's units into a trap, but quickly realizing that you yourself have walked into theirs.

From common foot soldiers to armored tanks, and from the lowliest crawling bug to the most terrifying alien, Parhelion enables you to come up with your own tactics!

Improve your HQ's defenses to stop your enemy in their tracks, gather resources to speed up your ability to field more and more units, expand your colony to increase your selection of cards or create air-transportation depots to give your units in the field the advantage over your enemy.

By constructing defenses and buildings, players gain extremely useful buffs to make their carefully crafted masterplan come to fruition!

Compete against your opponent in one of Parhelion's scenarios and fight tooth and nail for rich rewards! But beware, your expanding colony could also become a prime target of fearsome pirates, forcing you and your opponent to briefly work together to overcome this threat. Or, let them deal with it while you plot how to best take advantage of this new and interesting turn of events!

Designed to allow as much strategic freedom to the players as possible, Parhelion offers fun and excitement across multiple playthroughs!